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who am I?

After London University, with a degree in Maths & Computer Science, I worked for many years in the City, designing computer systems for financial traders.   I have nearly 30 years experience working with computers.   I'm also a freelance writer, photographer and proof-reader and, as a self-employed businessman, have around 20 years personal knowledge of sales and marketing for small businesses.

Andrew Green - click here to email me! I left the City to train in reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki and herbal medicine and built up a successful practice in South London.

When I met my wife in 1990, I also started to work with her on her jewellery design and art business, which we expanded with a retail outlet and regular shops in the West End of London.

We now live by the sea in the picturesque village of Abbotsbury, in West Dorset (southern England), from where I run my website design and search engine optimisation business.   I also somehow manage to find time to grow all our own vegetables, in our large garden!

We have thirteen-year old twin boys, who we are home educating.

my business and design philosophy

My design philosophy - for web design and printed marketing material - can be summed up in two words: simplicity and usability.   I rarely use Flash (the complicated 'movies' you see on some websites), but aim to utilise the best of html, dynamic html, javascript and css (stylesheet coding) to create fast-loading, well-written, clean and simple websites.

web design comments about, one of the websites I've designed

"One of the best websites I ever looked at.   All because of the pure simplicity of it: it delivers the information you need clearly and accurately in a language anyone can understand.   NO hype! NO fluff! NO outrageous promises!"
"Website was very easy to follow.  Information up front.  Easy to read."
"I found this website simple and easy to read and navigate around.   The use of colour was sparse, and so made you look twice at the places where they occurred (as was its intention).   It downloaded quickly and easily."

I spend a lot of time on the Net and know what websites - from a very wide variety of businesses - tend to look like.   I design and create websites but, crucially, don't come from a graphic design background - so, as a web designer, I don't have a list of design 'dos' and 'don'ts' in my head.   I'm interested in how your site looks and whether it suits your own design ideas and philosophy.

I also have particular expertise in image manipulation - often a weak point with website designers, who seem content to use blurred and muddy-coloured pictures.   I always take that extra time and trouble to ensure that all images displayed on the sites I design are of the highest clarity and vibrancy.

Whatever product or service you're selling or presenting, there is no point in having a web presence if your website doesn't show your 'products' to their best advantage.  

web design comments about, one of the sites I've designed

"The paintings at this site are awesome!   Everything is crystal clear, and so sharp even when viewing the enlarged graphics.   I was pleasantly surprised at how fast everything loaded on my dial-up connection too.   Great website"
"Everything loaded fast, pictures were clear, navigation was easy.   This website had everything it needed and nothing it didn't."
"I'm usually not into abstract art, but enjoyed this with the descriptions so I could tell what the paintings were.   I liked all the white space and the clean uncluttered design."
"Very well designed website.   You've definitely designed this site to be user friendly, and kept the eyes focused on the artwork.   Altogether a great example of a focused, niche website."

This is where the design of your site comes in.  

There's no advantage to you in having a wonderfully-designed bells-and-whistles website which is so relentlessly clever that your visitors can't tell what they're supposed to do or how to get around!   On the other hand, something too basic can make you look like an amateur.  

web design comments about, one of the sites I've created

"What a wonderful website, beautifully put together and really easy to use.  Very impressive!"
"I like this site. I had trouble finding a problem with it. It's to the point, clean and concise and ordering looks easy"
"Wow..the graphics on here are fantastic. This website deserves a place on my favorites list"
"Really easy to use and conveys the colour and feel of your work well"
"Really good to see a proper website - very accessible site with links that work well.   I hope it brings in the attention your work deserves. Crackin' site!"
"I will be going to [your studio] to see your work as I suspect that the real thing will make more impact than the images. However, the website achieved the goal of interesting me in finding out more"

For a free, no-obligation web design consultation on just how I can get your new website up there with the best of them, promoting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to contact me by email, or click here to take a look at my website design prices, for these two specialist markets - artists/craftspeople & complementary medicine practitioners/therapists - and for all other types of business website.

That's all for now - but don't hesitate to if you have any questions at all about what I can offer you.  And, don't forget, that if you need a website designed, or if you need help and advice with an existing site, you need look no further than me!


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